A New SSL Exploit in SSL v3.0 – POODLE attack

There is a critical vulnerability in SSL v3.0. This vulnerability allows the plaintext of secure connections to be calculated by a network attacker. Who will be affected? Any secure connection (https) you make via your web browser is at risk. That means visiting banks, PayPal, online shopping sites, etc are all vulnerable. What will happen?

Unable to fetch the cPanel user file

Sometime you may receive the following error while modifying cPanel account: “Unable to fetch the cPanel user file for username.jFu8eBofRJWGD_cOgBNdwe8cBF1GItdh“ There could be several reasons for this problem as follow: [1] If the account is transferred from other server [2] Account is transferred from other control panel like Plesk/Ensim [3] Human error while modifying cPanel

550 5.7.1 Unauthenticated email from yahoo.com is not accepted

When you send email via script, you can specify any email address in from address. If you specify other domain in from address, it is possible that your email may be flagged as spam and sometime your email may be rejected as well. You may receive the following error while sending the emails via script:

Idera – This may take several minutes

Idera (previously known as R1soft) is used to take block level backup for your server and helps to restore or bare metal restore for your server. You may received the following message when you access your Idera URL after reboot or a crash: Idera Server Backup Manager This may take several minutes If you are

HELM to Plesk migration

As Parallels announced “End of Life for Parallels HELM 3 and HELM 4” most likely their licensing servers may be offline on or after December 31, 2014. Parallels has built the migration tool to migrate your existing HELM server to Plesk control panel. For more information, you can refer Parallels Plesk Automation. Since HELM will

Remove Index from SMF forum Title

SMF (Simple Machines Forum) is widely used open source forum script. By default SMF forum use following as title: YOUR FORUM NAME – Index If you do not wish to keep “Index” in your forum title, you will need to edit your index.template.php file present in your theme directory. Following are the exact steps to

Remove saved credentials of Windows Network sharing

In Windows operating system, you can share the folder within your local network to transfer the data from one system to another system. Sometime when you tried to access network sharing folder, you may receive the following error. Windows cannot access \COMPUTER1\COMPUTER1 Shared Generally this happens if you have changed the password of the username